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Restless Adventurer

Adventure Travelogue and more: Caving, Long Distance Backpacking, Mountaineering, Worldwide Misadventures, et cetera...

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09 - 16 Sep 2016: Karen's Visit

Great Sand Dunes via Medano Pass 4WD Road

My sister came for a Sunday to Saturday visit. I had quite the lineup of places to see (more than we had time for) to keep us busy and entertained. I'll be posting pictures and video eventually. The picture to the right is one my sister took while driving the apocalypse vehicle. At this point we are almost finished with Medano Pass 4WD road.

01 - 05 Sep 2016: Backpacking

Lake view on day 2

Finally a much overdue backpacking trip. I've left my employer for a much better opportunity and took a few weeks off to relax and change gears. I had originally thought that I would finally close the Great Colorado Loop and finish the last section but that wasn't to be. I had some paperwork to finish up the carried over into the new week and I didn't think I had enough time to do the trip I had planned. Instead I returned to the Comanche Peak Wilderness along the Poudre River. I found a nice low altitude loop to do and ease back into backpacking. It was a good back to basics trip and I tested out some new gear as well. Everything worked out great and I got back home with a few days to spare before my sister's arrival.

17 - 24 July 2016: FJ Cruiser Summit Week

FJ Cruiser Summit X

FJ Cruiser Summit X attendance totaled 346 vehicles and 1,019 people coming in from Alaska to Brazil. It is a big event with tickets selling out almost immediately. I haven't had my 2011 FJ for a whole year yet so I learned a lot about it during this week. This wasn't my first offroading with it but it is certainly my most lengthy. Officially the summit runs from Wednesday night to Sunday morning but I arrived early and made a week of it. One of my friends is leading some of the trips and invited me to pre-run some of the trails with him. So that was my Tuesday and Wednesday. It is stock in any way that matters for offroading. I don't have a ton of photos but I was trying out a new dash cam and have way too much video. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it all. Do I really need 30 hours of video?

I'm writing this from the patio of the Old Western Hotel in Ouray which is a place I found when I hiked into this town during my Great Colorado Loop hike. This is my first time back since then. I won't really have the multimedia ready and uploaded for quite a while probably. My home computer crashed and I'll have to get that operational again and recover all my stuff before getting to work on this. Update: I ended up with a new generic computer in August and as of mid September I'm still tweaking it. Nothing was lost though and I have a fresh full backup inside the fireproof safe. I've been too busy to work on the videos from this trip so far though so it will be a while longer. Until then enjoy 10 Epic Photos from FJ Summit X.

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