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Restless Adventurer

Adventure Travelogue and more: Caving, Long Distance Backpacking, Mountaineering, Worldwide Misadventures, et cetera...

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Backpacking Comanche Peak Video

May 2017


It has been a hectic couple of months. I crammed for my test and earned my Amateur Radio Service Technician's License. There was 4 days of pistol class plus practice. And a couple camping trips. I got a little further in my Pathfinder School course. And of course there was video editing which takes way too long. I haven't made many updates here (and there was a computer crash that I needed to recover from) but I did start a and Patreon page. They are empty for now as I'm concentrating on YT for the moment.

2017 Project Guns

Projects for 2017

I have several firearm projects this year. The first two are pictured. One is a dedicated 9mm AR15 pistol build. It is built around a Palmetto State Armory dedicated 9mm Glock lower receiver. The other is an update to my modernized vz58 style gun. Not pictured are my Czech projects. I decided to refinish two surplus CZ 75's and the Compact was getting a full make over. That one will probably get made into a video. And lastly there is the CZ Scorpion EVO pistol that needs a few mods before it is ready for prime time. As of mid May only the vz58 and CZ 75 BD are done. The others are still waiting on some parts.

RestlessAdventurer Channel

RestlessAdventurer Video Channel

I finally did it and created the RestlessAdventurer Channel. No announcement, no fanfare. I've been thinking about creating it for some time now and it was a relief to finally launch. I don't know how much time I will devote to it yet but it has been an interesting and fun experience so far. There is not much content yet but here is a sample:

And it gives me a chance to share some random stuff that I otherwise would not post:

And some really old stuff:

So check out the vids and subscribe.

"One travels more usefully when alone, because he reflects more." — Thomas Jefferson
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Activities discussed on this site are often dangerous and ill advised.
You can do everything right and still die or be seriously injured. Such is the nature of adventurous pastimes.
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