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Paintball has changed a lot since I started in 1990. The guns now are as fantastic as they are expensive. With the high rate of fire possible, paintballs become a major expense too.

PMI 2 This here is my second gun. My first was the plastic Splatmaster pistol. Both the Splatmaster and the PMI required cocking with each shot although with the vertical feed on the PMI, I didn't have to rock the gun back to feed the next paintball. This PMI gave me many good games but it was already well used when I bought it.
Commando 2 When I got back into the game in 2001 I bought the entry - mid level Commando 2 by Diamond GT. This was a piece of hardware that required plenty of work though. While it did shoot nice and was inexpensive at $189, it seemed like I was always sitting out a game or two to work on it. That got old fast and I decided to do a complete upgrade.
Shocker Smart Parts makes the Shocker and the Freak barrel system. I bought both and couldn't be happier. Once I tacked on spare parts, lube, electric hopper and extra batteries it cost almost a grand though. It has been worth it though. It's a low pressure CO2, electronically controlled semi auto paintgun. Right away I was easily shooting 5-6 balls per second with no breaks in the breach or barrel. With practice, I should be able to get that number up to 10 bps or more. And it's accurate.

[Guns]   Photos

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