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Big G elsewhere on the Web

Couch Surfing Project a great way to see the world! Mountain climing website Long distance backpacking journal site. Travel website; actually I haven't found it that useful.
SETI at Home SETI at Home
SETI at Home Team SETI at Home Team Nanite
Restless Adventurer Blog I don't really keep a separate blog going but I do have an account on blogspot.
Restless Adventurer YouTube Channel My YouTube Channel
Restless Adventurer at My alternate video site since YouTube can be such a bitch.
Restless Adventurer at My alternate video site since YouTube can be such a bitch.

Other Folks to Check Out

Trimmed down in October 2017. A lot of websites have gone. Sad.
Brian Leszcz Don't let his website fool you. He does good work and is my thruhike transcriber. CaverOne's Colorado caving site
Drgflyorng Just a few pictures from some of Chelsea's many adventures. This girl has really done some stuff!
Down the Trail (Jamie Compos)
Columbia and Iraq Conflict Photojournalism by Jason Howe Conflict Pics from Iraq and Columbia
Curt Harler A successful well rounded guy with plenty of his own adventure stories that I know through caving.
Karen "Adventure Chick" Strouhal My sister's wild site. Check it out.
Jim Wandering Jim Damico/Dragon's Breath new blog (formerly
Mystic Images Check it out. He put mountain images to music. One of them is mine.
Pilgrims Tales: Books of Adventure, Discovery & Enlightenment Brandon Wilson's book, Along the Templar Trail, is here with many of its peers.
Ron Franscell Ron Franscell
The Summit Ridge Bernie Hohman's website

Interesting Sites

These people or organizations have asked to be linked on my website and have content that my readers might find interesting.
Outdoors Generations Backpacking for Beginners
UK hiking guide I'll be using this myself when I go back. offers topographic maps and photos of over 1.25 million water, land and man-made landmarks in the United States.

Other Links

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You can do everything right and still die or be seriously injured. Such is the nature of adventurous pastimes.
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