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My gear list is close to what I took on the Mountain to Sea trail in North Carolina and the Great Colorado Loop. That makes sense considering that the MST and GCL were my last two thruhikes and the gear worked for me then. It isn't super ultra light but I've never cared to be an ultralight hiker.

This trip will involve a lot of water carrying - up to 2 gallons at times so daily pack weight will vary dramatically.

Basics: Gregory G Pack (lg 2,950 ci / 51 liters) 2 lbs, 14 oz
Six Moons Gatewood Cape (tent / poncho)
Kelty Light year 3D 30 degree sleeping bag
sleeping bag liner
Thermarest Z rest sleeping pad
Merrell Ventilator hiking shoes (starting in these but not finishing)
Performance Outerwear: midweight fleece jacket
White Sierra light rainjacket
fleece gloves
OR Rocky Mountain high gaitors
fleece cap
Kitchen: alcohol can stove
20 oz Mountain Dew fuel bottle
20 oz water bottle
2 1.5 liter collapsible water bags
2 3 liter collapsible water bags
GSI Soloist 1.3 l pot
First Need Deluxe water purifier
Instrumentation: mini weatherstation watch/altimeter/barometer/wind speed
Suuntu compass
Sundry: Leki Makalu ultralight trekking poles
first aid kit
Ka-Bar ZK-Acheron skeleton knife
Panasonic Lumix weatherproof camera

Index   AT   [Arizona Trail]   Ciudad Perdida   CdS   CT - GCL   Inca Trail   JMT   LT   MST   Other Trips   Gear
Intro   [Gear]   Map   AZT Trip Index   Journal & Photos   

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