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Skiing and Snowboarding

Ten Mile Range from Copper Mountain Ski Resort

I have been skiing for some time now although before moving to Colorado I had never skied anywhere very good. In highschool (Parma, Ohio) this meant Boston Mills and Brandywine. Later in college and a few years afterward, this meant Alpine Valley, Mt. Brighton, and one trip to Boyne Mountain (Michigan). Colorado skiing was a big change: Arapahoe Basin, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone, Vail, and Winter Park. A couple of years ago I started doing a little bit of snowboarding.   I enjoy both of these activities although I'm a pretty bad snowboarder.  I really need to sign up for formal lessons if I'm going to do any more riding.  I am relieved to say that have gotten to be a much improved mogul skier.

not me

Still no snowboarding pictures but finally, here are some pictures and movies from a ski weekend at Beaver Creek and Vail on 11 - 12 January 2003. It is not the carnage that you want to see, but I am just too good. :) I have had some spectacular wipeouts over the years that would have made great pics though.  


Backcountry   [Resorts]

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