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Juarez, Mexico (August 2005)

Kentucky Bar This was a short adventure on a work trip to El Paso, Texas. I requested the location because of it's proximity to Mexico and am glad I did. My work counterpart was Tonya from Florida and we really had a great time. I took her on her first Mexican adventure which was quickly derailed once we entered the Kentucky Bar on Avenida Juarez. This bar is well known as the inventor of the margarita (spanish) so you can see why our plans sort of became forgotten as our "one" margarita became just the "first". We also met two other people from work here to pass the time. The bar is famous for more than just it's drinks though. One walking tour describes it as

the oldest bar in the city still in service. Since opening its doors in 1920, this bar with its great tradition has preserved its elegance and prestige. Great personalities from the world of politics, art, cinema, sports and bullfighting, including John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Jack Dempsey, have all sat at its beautiful bar. The photographs of many other famous patrons are displayed on the walls.
The beautiful full length wooden bar had one particularily interesting feature that I hadn't seen before. In place of a brass railing to rest a foot there was a tiled trough urinal. We didn't see anyone using it but it was functional with a water spigot on one side to provide a cleansing flow. "Elegance and prestige" indeed.

Unlike the other miscellaneous travel spots on my website I don't have any photos to post here. I had hoped to get some eventually from the camera phone that was present but that never happened. Perhaps it is for the best for all involved.

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kentucky bar
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