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What follows is an almost comprehensive list of my climbing and rescue gear. It isn't exhaustive but not much is left off. Besides simply making this corner of my website more complete there is another more serious benefit. If I ever disappear this page may make it possible to positively id my gear at least. I mark hardware with 2 different tapes which I found at Identi-Tape, Inc.

The tapes mentioned above are a recent improvement over my former ½ inch yellow reflective tape and/or yellow/blue electrical tape. I really like the idea of having a "Hi Viz" aspect.
Slings and such might be marked with a "G" in marker. Possibly some tape too.

Category Gear
Footwear: Boreal Ace rock shoes
New Balance Trail Runners
Technica Vortex mid light hikers
Rope: 60 meter Mammut 9.5 mm Infinity Rope - super Dry single rope (yellow/black)
63 ft Sterling 10.5mm climbing rope (blue/black)
8mm x 30m Beal Randonee Drycover (yellowish)
200 ft Blue Water II+ 10.5 mm static line (white with gold)
120 ft Blue Water II+ static line (white with some blue)
Belay / Rappel devices: BD ATC Guide 3.6 oz
Descenders (Rappel devices): SMC rappel rack
Rescue 8
Ascenders: Petzl B47s (r&l)
Petzl Kroll
Snow & Ice: 2 MSR 24" Coyote snow pickets
6 BD Turbo Express 19" ice screws
4 BD Turbo Express 16" ice screws
2 Russian Ti emergency ice screws
2 Petzl Caritool clippers (actually more often on my caving harness)
Charlet Moser Multihook V thread
REI mountain axe
Camp 50cm Alpax hammer ice tool
2 Petzl ultralight pulleys
1 REI light pulley
1 CMI large rescue, prussik minding pulley
Grivel G12 cramp-o-matic crampons
Trad Gear: Set BD Hexentrix (4, 6 - 10; number 5 is fixed at Seneca Rocks)
Set BD wired Stoppers (1, 4 - 13)
Camp tricams (.5 - 2)
Set Omega Pacific Link Cams (1-2)
Set BD C4 Camalots (.3 - 6)
Set BD C3 Camalots (000 - 2)
Set Metolious (some Ultralight) Power Cams (00 - 8)
25 Trango SuperFly Wiregate Carabiner (30 g, 24/9 kN)
2 Omega Pacific Jake HMS Screw-Lok pear carabiners (108 grams, 23/ 8 kN)
~20 assorted REI, and Omega Pacific oval and D carabiners
Omega Pacific Caranut tool 2.2 oz
assorted runners, slings, cordelette, prussik loops, etc
Sport Gear: 10 Camp Nano Wire Express 10 cm Quickdraw (63 g, 23/9 kN)
5 BD Quicksilver2 / Hotwire 18 cm Quickdraws (103 g, 25/9 kN)
2 BD old style Quicksilver2 / Hotwire 12 cm Quickdraws (24/8 kN)
2 BD old style Positron locking caribiners (24/8 kN)
Harnesses: Eagle Rappelling harness
Other Climbing: Hugh Banner helmet
Petzl Elios helmet
Metolious Chalk Bag
Metolious Gear Sling
Eco Chalk
Yates daisy chain
Buck NRG 000 belay knife and bottle opener (1.2 oz, blade: 1-1/2" closed: 3")
(if I have to cut your rope, I'll drink to your memory later)
Backpacks: North Face Recon II (1,850 ci / 30 l)
Mountainsmith Boundary (2,500 ci / 40 l)
Sundry (to get me there and back): Black Diamond Gemini headlamp (my primary helmet headlamp)
Black Diamond Micro headlamp (my primary forehead headlamp)
First aid kit
Leatherman Juice CS4
Gear Photo

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