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Album: West-Highland-Way:Day3-Rowardennan

7 August 2007: day 3
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Rowardennan Youth Hostel Beinglas Campsite 13 today / 41.5 total

Today the guidebook said there was some trail along the loch that had a reputation for being difficult. I didn't know what to make of that. All the hiking difficulties so far have been overstated and I am one of the few people hiking with a full pack. Most of the others are vehicle supported which means that in the morning they put their gear in a van which drops it off down the trail. Then they hike 10-15 miles with just a small daysack. Or if not vehicle supported they book all their nights in B&Bs or hostels and carry a small pack.

The trail around the lake turned out to be actual "trail". It was narrow footbed winding around roots and rocks up and down little humps along the hillside. In short it is what I consider normal trail. Walkers in this country sure are spoiled. They think hiking trails are all smooth 12 foot wide old road beds graded gently for pack animals. And for that they all wear huge mountain boots. *sigh*

The WHW finally left the shores of the loch. It was a nice, enjoyable hike with good views and some small cascades crossing the trail. Then the trail rose gently through a wooded hillside and down through a former homestead. Opportunities for classic countryside photos are everywhere on this trek. Soon I was hiking with Angela from New Zealand whom I had briefly met in the morning at the hostel. Our stories made the time go quickly.

I ended up stopping for the night at a campsite at Beinglas Farm. It wasn't planned but some ugly clouds were blowing in along with raindrops and I was enjoying a cold Strongbow with Angela. Why leave and risk a long walk in rain to possibly a poor campsite? Staying also gave me the opportunity to make a short trip across the river to the Drover's Inn which is an interesting place.

Even though the bad weather never arrived I made the right decision.

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