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Album: destinations:United States:CO:Orient Land Trust Bat Cave

The Orient Land Trust is home to the old Orient Mine which is now home to a large bat colony. I'm not going to repeat the details. Look on the OLT website for those. The site is kinda cool and I was excited to see a big outflight of bats. I've seen a few others but this one is in my home state. Unfortunately the outflight was a major disappointment. Really it was just a smattering of bats and then it was over. In fact I took a few practice photos after it started and then waited for the main flight of bats. And then the bats stopped coming out and people started leaving. I was rather shocked. I stayed a long time after everyone else left thinking that there must be more bats coming, but no. So bummer. So my pics just show the OLT mine area not the bat swarm.

Available Images:

P1020938 JPG P1020939 JPG P1020940 JPG P1020941 MOV

P1020942 JPG P1020943 JPG P1020944 JPG P1020945 JPG

P1020946 JPG P1020947 JPG P1020948 JPG P1020949 JPG

P1020950 JPG P1020951 JPG P1020952 JPG P1020953 JPG

P1020954 JPG P1020955 JPG P1020956 JPG P1020957 JPG

P1020958 JPG P1020959 JPG P1020960 JPG P1020961 JPG

P1020962 JPG P1020963 JPG P1020964 JPG P1020965 JPG

P1020966 JPG P1020967 JPG P1020968 JPG P1020969 JPG

P1020970 JPG P1020970 MOV P1020971 JPG P1020972 JPG

P1020973 JPG P1020974 JPG P1020975 JPG P1020976 JPG

P1020977 JPG P1020979 JPG P1020981 JPG P1020984 JPG

P1020985 JPG P1020986 JPG P1020987 JPG P1020988 JPG

P1020991 JPG
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