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Album: destinations:Ecuador:Cuyabeno:20041222

This is our last day in Cuyabeno National Reserve. The same for Sara and Dan too but they were taking a plane out (30 min flight to Quito vs. 12 hours in a bus) and had to leave the lodge at 04.00 - not recommended. Our bus departure gave us a fair amount of flexibility and we didn't leave until after lunch for the 1h 45m canoe ride up the river to the bridge. We had the majority of the day in the jungle.

How we spent it was very fun. We took 2 smal groups in 2 canoes and paddled upriver back to Laguna Grande once more. The idea was to sneak up on the animals since we wouldn't alert them with an engine. To be honest we really did not see too much however. There were more of the same birds on the way up and a couple monkeys on the way back but nothing new. The most fun was paddling (despite Ragnar trying to steer from the front and making things hard for Capt. Gee) and the extended swim. On the way back I had a lot of fun teasing Ragnar by seemingly sending the canoe on a crash course into bushes or spider webs and then pulling away at the last minute. We had a bet for a beer that I never had to pay.

Then on the way back it started to rain. It was the perfect ending to the trip for me: paddling through the jungle in a wooden canoe in the rain just in swim trunks. What a stereotypical Amazon scene.

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