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Album: journal:20070224

24 Feb 2007: day 15
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Bridgeton just beyond Piggly Wiggly on rt 55 in New Bern 8 today / 178.9 total

Today was easy. I moved out late after arranging some shuttling with Mike. I'll stay another night at the Curtis Motel, but I'd hike on through New Bern. Later I'll make a call and he'd come pick me up. Tomorrow he'll drop me off at wherever I stop. This lets me spend time at the library and take in a meal without being rushed.

After finalizing shuttling with Mike, I hiked out of Bridgeton and crossed the river into New Bern. The city is one of the original 13 colonies so has a lot of history. I spent a lot of time on the Internet at the library and got a good Thai dinner at a restaurant before a little shopping. I managed eight miles today. That isn't much, but I didn't spend much time walking either. I saw the historic part of the city a little closer and took some photos. It's a nice place although I didn't care for the bridge crossing in the morning.

One thing to note is that I have really protein loaded during these last two days. Usually a hiker's diet is almost all carbs. It is wise to get the protein when possible.

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